Staying Safe with Kids in the Car

The creation of the car has made it much easier for people to get from point A to point B, but it also has a lot of problems too. Everyday people hear horror stories of collisions on the road and we are reminded how important it is to always be safe on the road. This is even truer when it comes to having kids in the car. There are certain precautions that have to be taken, such as making sure they are in a child seat if it is needed or only allowing them to sit in the front seat when they are old enough. Here is how you can make sure everyone is staying safe in the car.

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Make Sure They Are Seated Properly

While it is legal for children to sit in the front of the car, it is much safer for them to sit in the back, especially if a crash were to happen. The reason why it isn’t a good idea for them to sit in the front has to do with the airbags. Whether the car is old or new, the airbags are designed to protect the chest of a grown adult. However, when a child is in front, they would open into their face, which could cause significant damage.

If they are very young, then they will need to be in a baby or child seat as seatbelts aren’t designed for children. You want to make sure that the car seat you get has never been damaged or dropped, so as to protect the child properly. It is also important to remember that you need to choose one that suits the height and weight of the child, as well as being easy to fit in the car within a short amount of time.

Check Seatbelts

Before driving off anywhere, always check that everyone’s seatbelt is fastened. You would be surprised at how many kids can undo it or mess around with the strap so that it isn’t secure. Until a child reaches the height of 135cm or their 12th birthday they aren’t able to use an adult seatbelt, which is something to keep in mind. It could be very dangerous for them to use one before then because if you were to brake suddenly, it would press against their neck.

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Keep Them Entertained

Most parents know that kids can sometimes be a distraction in the car when they aren’t being paid attention to. Sometimes this distraction can cause almost-accidents to happen, which means it is important to keep the kids entertained so they don’t start screaming in the back seat. Giving them a book to read or a toy to play with will keep their mind off the journey, especially if they don’t like being in the car. If they are a little older, they will probably enjoy watching their favourite TV show on a tablet, giving you all the peace that you need to stay focused on driving. There is nothing worse than children screaming or siblings arguing while on a long journey.

Never Speed

Sometimes adults don’t mind breaking the speed limit or rushing through the amber light when they are on their own, but that risk should never be taken with a child in the car. Instead, always drive carefully and to the speed limit in the area, you are driving through. There will be other drivers who might get impatient and try to overtake you, but you have children to think of and it isn’t worth taking the risk of speeding. It also sets a good example for your children when they grow up how to drive correctly and safely.

Family outings in the car don’t have to be stressful and when you take these precautions, you can get to your destination in one piece.