What To Know About Earning Your Nursing Degree in 2022

In terms of job security, it is hard to find a better career field than healthcare. No matter how much the industry advances, people always get sick and require healthcare workers. In 2022, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing predicts a shortage of registered nurses. While the Association was correct, their initial prediction did not take into account the current coronavirus pandemic. The widespread nature of Covid-19 places an even greater emphasis on the need for healthcare workers.

How can you get into the nursing field? The easiest way is through an online degree program. These programs are convenient, flexible and cost-effective. Just search online to find the best deals and prices near you. A lot of Americans have more time on their hands lately, which makes it a great time to set yourself up for success with a new career.

Take a look at nine reasons why it’s worth it to get a nursing degree, and why there’s no better time than now.

1. You'll have a lot of options.

Nursing has a lot of job options, including school nurses, ER nurses, travel nurses and more. You can pick the field that interests you most.

2. Job security is almost guaranteed.

These days it’s not unusual for companies and industries to replace human jobs with technology. However, it’s pretty hard to replace the human element of taking care of sick people. There are some things computers simply can’t do. This is why there will always be a need for qualified nurses.

3. You'll get a flexible schedule.

Nursing is a challenging and demanding job, but it also offers flexibility. A common schedule for nurses is to work four days in a row and then get three days off. You can discover the meaning of working hard and playing hard.

4. People will want your skills.

When you have a nursing degree, companies and industries will want your skills. Nursing continues to be one of the most secure and stable jobs out there.

5. You can travel the world.

If you’ve ever wanted to see the world, a nursing degree can make it happen. It’s much easier to spend a long time in another country when you have an in-demand job. You can go nearly anywhere in the world and find your skills in demand.

6. Your knowledge will increase.

Nursing teaches skills and information that isn’t necessarily accessible to the average person. You’ll be armed with that knowledge in everyday life. The knowledge that could help or save others no matter where you go.

7. You might get student loan relief.

There are many student loan forgiveness programs specifically for nursing students. If you can get a job at a military hospital or government facility, there’s a good chance of getting your loans forgiven.

8. You'll enjoy more life satisfaction.

Nurses often report high job satisfaction due to the rewarding and life-saving work that they do.

9. You can get started right now on your computer.

Going to a regular nursing school can be expensive, but these days you can get started right now on your computer. Use your extra time to get basics out of the way first.

Find the best prices and deals on nursing degrees online by searching for courses and programs near you!