Dealerships Offering Huge Discounts on Unsold 2019 and 2018 Car Inventory Online

Finding a great deal on the SUV, crossover or luxury SUV of your dreams might seem too good to be true. However, thanks to dealers having excess inventory on outgoing 2018 and 2019 models, huge discounts are available if you know where to look. The 2020 models are already on lots in most cases, which means dealers need to unload the 2018 and 2019 models that are taking up space. If you’re in the market for any type of SUV, then acting immediately could save you a ton of money. The best place to find great deals on SUVs is to search online. Take a look at the following information on how to get hot deals on unsold inventory.

Benefits of Owning SUV/Crossover Models

Crossover and sports utility models, whether luxury or standard, are a popular choice among car buyers today. Most of these models are extremely driver-friendly with features like full-time AWD systems or front-wheel-drive. This makes them easy to maneuver through city streets but competent enough to tackle inclement weather and off-pavement conditions. Advanced technology has also allowed these vehicles to be increasingly fuel-efficient, whereas in the past they were often knocked for being gas guzzlers. Car buyers love the sturdy build of crossovers and the added height to let them see the road better. Luxury and standard versions of these models come well-equipped with advanced safety systems and infotainment technology. It’s easy to see why sports utility vehicles are becoming more and more popular. The popularity has caused manufacturers to make more inventory, which means prices end up dropping when some of that inventory goes unsold. Now is the best time ever to own your favorite sports utility vehicle, and when you buy 2018 & 2019 models, you can save a huge amount of money.

Why You Can Save Now On SUVs, Luxury SUVs and Crossovers

The market competition on sports utility vehicles is fierce, which has caused manufacturers to make more than ever before. This means inventory is big for these types of vehicles, and that also means some great deals and low monthly payments. If you’re looking for leases on crossovers for under $300 per month, there are plenty of available options. For example, you can get into a Honda CR-V for about $269 per month with a 36-month lease and purchase deals for 1.9 percent financing available for a limited time. Another example is the Mazda CX-9, which is offering purchase deals with 0.9 percent financing and lease deals for $289 per month for a 36-month lease. For $239 per month, you can get into a Chevrolet Equinox with a 39-month lease. Chevy is also offering zero percent interest for 72 months on purchases.

For popular crossover brands with payments around or under $200 per month, check out the Jeep Compass with available zero percent financing for 60 months. Another great deal is the Mazda CX-3 with payments available as low as $199 per month. A Toyota RAV4 can be yours for as little as $219 per month by utilizing the current deals available.

If you’re looking for luxury SUVs, then it’s still possible to find some good deals. You can get a BMW X1 or Land Rover for as low as $399 per month. For a little more at $419 per month, you can get in an Acura MDX.

Get the Best Deals Online For Top SUV/Crossover Models

The easiest way to find the best deals on unsold inventory is to search the internet, so you can compare prices and see everything that’s available. You’ll find the best deals online that you can’t find anywhere else. You can also search by a number of criteria and look through all the inventory at dealerships in your area. The other reason to search for deals online is that you can see all the incentives offered by dealerships and manufacturers. Not only that, but many deals are placed exclusively online to draw in consumers. Another thing to look out for is when dealerships post discounts for their unsold inventory. If you’ve always wanted to drive a stylish sports utility vehicle, then there’s no better time to get one than now. Take advantage of all the online deals and discounts to get the SUV of your dreams!

If you want to find the best deals online for crossover and sports utility models, then it’s important to act now. The end of the year is when dealers are especially motivated to move unsold inventory. Don’t delay! Start your search online today for popular brands like Toyota, Jeep, Chevy and much more!