Homeland Security is Hiring. Here’s How to Take Advantage.

A career with Homeland Security is both fulfilling and financially stable. The average salary for Homeland Security professionals is around $75,000 per year. As a Homeland Security professional, you will be involved in protecting the safety of people in the United States.

Homeland Security covers both law enforcement and security services across the country. Some of the federal organizations under Homeland Security include the following:

– Department of Homeland Security
– U.S. Coast Guard
– Transportation Security Administration
– Immigration and Customs Enforcement

As you can see, there’s a lot of prestige in working with Homeland Security as well as a good payoff. The good news is that you can get a degree through an online degree program and quickly be on your way to finding a satisfying career in Homeland Security.

Online Degree Programs For Homeland Security

There are several programs that provide online degree training for Homeland Security, including the University of Arizona, Perdue University Global, Keiser University and many others. Some of the degrees you can get include the following:

– BA in Homeland Security
– BA in Intelligence and Information Operations
– BS in Criminal Justice with Homeland Security focus
– BS in Criminal Justice with Counterterrorism focus

This gives you a number of options to explore. The other great part about these degrees and training for Homeland Security is that they can give you a step up in other areas. For example, you can move over to intelligence and administration careers. It can also prepare you to pursue a career with the FBI or CIA.

Homeland Security History

The Department of Homeland Security was originally created shortly after the 9/11 attacks in 2002. The bigger focus of DHS is around border security and counterterrorism. In recent years, there’s also a strong focus on cybersecurity. You can get a BS degree in cybersecurity that will prepare you for a career in Homeland Security. Other online degrees that can be helpful are information assurance and digital forensics. In other words, there are a lot of avenues for a DHS career.

Benefits To A DHS Career

There’s a number of benefits to getting an online degree in Homeland Security. For one thing, the average salary of a career in Homeland Security is about $30,000 more than the median income in the United States. Further, a degree in the Homeland Security field can help you explore other opportunities. Some programs offer tuition prices as low as $7,000. Other schools may charge closer to $30,000. However, compared to getting a four-year degree at a traditional school, an online Homeland Security degree is less expensive and less time-consuming.

Career Outlook and Salary For Homeland Security

The field of Homeland Security employs over 230,000 professionals from various backgrounds and careers. The DHS is consistently looking to refresh the pool of candidates as well. The field of Homeland Security is not only thriving, but it can help professionals move into other lucrative careers as well. The following are some salary examples:

– Border Patrol Agent $59,840
– Federal Special Agent $85,698
– TSA Employee $49,846

Start searching for online degree programs near you and get started in the field of Homeland Security today!