Easy Time-Saving Hacks that Make Housework Simpler

Housework is a necessary evil that each one of us has to face. Sometimes, the tasks are complicated. It can be energy-draining and time-consuming. That is why it is understandable that many people don’t enjoy doing it. However, there are ways to ease the unpleasantness of housework through a couple of hacks. Without further ado, here are how you can make house-work simpler to help you save a lot of time and energy:


1. Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination is the enemy of productivity. When we procrastinate, a job that would have been finished in 30 minutes will take an hour to accomplish. This happens most of the time, especially when we are unmotivated to do the work. Due to that, avoiding procrastination will surely save you time when doing housework.

3. Do a Checklist

Not knowing or forgetting the task you have to accomplish at home can be very daunting. To avoid that, make a checklist of the housework you have to perform for a day. That way, you can have a guide of the things that you have to do, and once you check off one of the tasks in the list, you would feel a sense of accomplishment right after.

4. Create a Schedule

Creating a schedule for your housework will help you save time. For example, schedule a laundry day and vacuum day on the weekend. By doing so, you are not impeding any other plans that you have, and your free time will be spent doing something useful. Creating a schedule also helps you have a sense of organization and improves your time management skills.

5. Ensure Proper Storage

Having proper storage will help you save a lot of time. One of the most annoying housework is organizing – be it your clothes, plate, or other home accessories. You can ease this pain by having a proper and permanent storage place for each item. This way, it would be easier for you to put back the things that you use. At the same time, your home will remain arranged for a more extended period.

6. Use Lemon to Remove Oil Stains

Cleaning leftover oils stuck in a pan while washing can be daunting. Sometimes, despite scratching and scrubbing, it is still there. This can even result in damaging your pan. In order to avoid that, using lemon mixed with lukewarm water will help lift the oil from the bottom of the pan. Place the solution for about 15 minutes and let it soak up. Rinse the pan after, and any remaining oil will also be washed away.

7. Use Vinegar and Baking Soda

A mixture of vinegar and baking soda has so many applications. The most useful one so far is cleaning your ovens. Ovens tend to accumulate a lot of burnt leftover foods or oils during the period that it was used. Applying a mixture of vinegar and baking soda on the inside will remove all these in one swipe.

8. Use Shaving Cream for Cleaning Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors can become gloomy, especially when you take a steaming hot shower. To avoid that, you can use shaving cream. Apply the shaving cream evenly on the surface of the mirror and whip it cleanly. That way, the mirror will be protected from steam, and you will be able to see your crystal clear reflection.

9. Clean Blenders with Hot Water and Dish Soap

Cleaning blenders are a must; however, it can sometimes be dangerous and difficult due to their cylindrical shape and sharp blades. However, by only using a hot water mix with soap, all of the leftover things stuck in the bottom and the sides will be removed. Simply fill up your blender with the mixture and blend it. Rinse it well afterward.

Do not be afraid to do your cleaning; after all, there are so many ways to make things easier. Hopefully, by doing some of the hacks as mentioned above, doing your housework will be less tiring and time-consuming.