How to Make Money Posting Videos Online

Nowadays, most people prefer generating money online than being conventionally employed. Some do blogs, others do freelance jobs, and most do videos and post it online. Out of these three ways, posting videos make money the most, given that the person who posts it gains numerous viewers and subscribers.


Here are ways on how to make money on posting videos online:


  1. Posting Videos on Youtube


YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming and sharing platform in the world. Most vloggers, if not all, prefer sharing their videos in this site. This is because aside from being able to monetize their videos once they reach 1,000 subscribers, their popularity also allows them to gain paid partnership with business companies.


To do these, you need to:


  • Create a YouTube channel; and
  • Upload videos with exciting contents regularly.


After accumulating viewers and subscribers, you need to enable the monetization of your channel and connect it to an AdSense account to start gaining income from your videos.


2. Uploading Videos on Dailymotion


Just like YouTube, Dailymotion pays video uploaders every time they put an advertisement in their videos, and it also permits subscription basis and rental of the uploaders’ on-demand videos.


The only difference between this platform and YouTube is that Dailymotion allows branding of the uploaders’ videos with their own logos. The withdrawal of the uploaders’ income can be made through Payoneer or PayPal.


  1. Facebook Ad Breaks


This offer by Facebook allows users with a minimum of 2,000 followers to monetize their live videos by taking breaks in between these, while Facebook runs short advertisements. The live video should run 4 minutes at the least and should have 300 viewers or more.


To claim Ad Breaks, Facebook will send the user a dollar icon ($) as a notification. The user only needs to click it in order to take a break.


To check your income, the user should go to the Insights page. Claiming of payments can be done through PayPal or banking. Unfortunately, Facebook Ad Breaks is only available in 45 countries, mostly are the progressing and first world countries.


  1. Selling Stock Footage


Marketing stock footages for commercial purposes online is another way to generate income. These videos or clips help video producers in completing their projects. You may sell your stock footages through your personal website, or through other sites, which can host, market and handle your transactions.


The disadvantage of selling your stock footage through other websites is that you have to split your revenue with the website.


  1. Creating Product Reviews


Nowadays, most people require other people’s advice or suggestions for buying or acquiring certain products. These gave other people a way to produce income-generating videos called “product reviews”.


The primary purpose of these videos is to inform target customers about the nature of the product, its price and quality, how it is used, and what the outcome would be if you use it. Most of the products being reviewed online are electronic gadgets, specifically cellular phones, and cosmetic products.


Often, reviewers get freebies and compensation for reviewing products, and others even get to be ambassadors or endorsers of these products.




Along with the opportunity to make money, posting content online also allows people to expose their creativity and confidence to the public. Showcasing talent, skills, and even crazy ideas as income generator cause people to work effectively and efficiently since they love what they are doing, and they have fun every time they do it. However, not all people are successful in monetizing videos online, but that does not mean that you should not give it a try.