Free Online Courses You Can Take While in Quarantine

Many people around the world have more free time due to quarantine. As a result, education institutions such as Harvard, SkillShare, and Coursera started to offer several free online courses to keep people busy and productive while stuck indefinitely at home. Here are some free online courses you might want to consider taking while in quarantine:

In The Studio: Postwar Abstract Painting from Coursera

Before this quarantine, some of you might have considered taking art as a hobby but do not know how to start. If that is the case, taking this online class will take you to the right path.

You can find this online class in Coursera. The Museum of Modern Art offers it. The whole course will take you around 37 hours to complete, and it will discuss the abstract expression and its different techniques.

The instructor for this class will be Corey D’Augustine. He is an artist, art conservator, and a technical art historian. He works under the MomA.

Interior Design Basics: Simple Steps to Your Perfect Space from SkillShare

This online course is perfect for people who are contemplating doing home makeovers or have careers related to the interior design industry. It is offered in SkillShare, and the lessons are easy to follow.

Every session is composed of lessons with useful tips and printable guides. The class instructor is Lauren Cox. Cox is the program manager for Havenly, which is an affordable and personal online interior design agency.

The Science of Well-Being from Coursera

Due to the current situation of the world, many people are finding it hard to be happy. Plenty of people are stressed out over the uncertainty of everything that follows after the quarantine period. If you happen to be one of those feeling this way, taking the Science of Well-being course can lead you to the path of happiness.

The course is composed of multiple challenges which aim to improve your level of happiness. It also encourages you to create more productive habits to deal with stress and anxiety.

The instructor of this course is Laurie Santos. She is the Head of Silliman Residential College at Yale University, and she is a Psychology professor as well. You would need around 19 hours to finish the whole course, but deadlines are flexible according to your schedule.

How to Vlog from SkillShare

Admit it, some of you have spent a large number of hours binge-watching Vlogs since the quarantine has started. However, did you know that you could be the one vlogging? Learn how to do that by taking the How to Vlog course from Skillshare.

In this course, you learn how to make video content, shoot, and edit. There will also be classes that will discuss what types of music are the best for vlogs and what is the ideal gear for shooting content.

The instructor for this is Jeven Davey. He has over 110,000 Youtube subscribers. His content is mostly focused on filmmaking, adventure, and travel.

CS50 Introduction to Game Development from edX

If you are an avid gamer, learn the fundamentals of game development by taking the CS50 Introduction class in edX. You will get lectures straight from Hardvard professor David J. Malan and Technologist Colton Ogden.

Final Work

The best thing you can do out of this whole unfavorable situation is to add value to yourself. Doing online courses for free is one way to do that. You earn more knowledge that you can use in your day-to-day life or your actual career once everything goes back to normal. Stay at home and stay safe.