The Most Popular Degrees of 2018

When people decide they want to go to college or university, it can be hard to choose what to study. Some people go with their creative passions and choose something in the arts such as Literature, Music or Art. Then there are others who choose to go down the route of the Sciences, Business and Computer. There are thousands of different degrees for you to choose from that it can be difficult to decide on just one. The thing that most people want when they finish is to have a decent paid job to help them thrive.

The most popular degrees and the highest paid ones often go hand in hand. People want to make money and to do that, they often choose these degrees over the others. Here are the most popular degrees for 2018.


Business can mean a lot of things. It can give people the tools to become managers of the business, as well as wanting to start their own. In fact, businesses are always looking to hire people with business degrees, which makes it perfect if you want future success. In fact, almost 75% of students who have this degree end up in full-time employment within six months of their graduation. There is thepotential for people to grow and become successful with a business degree. To give you an idea of the top paying careers, someone who is an Advertising, Promotion and Marketing Manager can be expected to make an average of $125,000 a year, and someone who is a Logistician can make $74,000 per year.


An engineering degree is one of the most sought after from potential students and with good reason. Within six months of graduating, almost 85% of students can expect to be in employment with a company. Without engineers, the world wouldn’t be as we know it and it allows people to make a difference. They will often provide innovative solutions to technology and everyday situations that can make the world better, as well as finding natural resources. An engineer who goes into aerospace engineering can expect to make $107,000 on average per year, with electric and computer engineers making $95,000.

Computer Science

When people have a computer science degree, there is suddenly a whole host of jobs available to them such as programming, AI and virtual reality. Everyday life would be nothing without computer science, so it is no surprise that it is one of the most popular degrees, as well as being one of the highest earning. These specialists will help to develop new programs for different business and even recreational use. There will only be more advances to come in the future as technology grows more advanced. If a graduate decides to work towards becoming a software developer, they can expect to earn $100,000 a year, while information security analysts can earn up to $90,000.


Any degree that is allied to medicine has a high employability rate of 95% within six months of the student graduating, making it extremely popular. Psychology degrees are perfect for people that are patient and caring, and who want to help improve the life of others. Once people have a Master’s in this field, they can have one of the top-earning careers. Psychology is important in helping to understand mental health issues, which is something that is so prevalent in society today. Professional psychologists have a lot of options in terms of where they can work such as schools, law enforcement or research. Some of the top psychologists can earn an average of $95,000 per years, with counsellors and school psychologists earning $70,000.


If you want to go into a field that is always in demand, then look to education. A staggering 90% of all graduates with an education degree land a job within six months of finishing their degree, which isn’t surprising given that schools always need teachers. The great thing about an education degree is that you can go forward and apply it to your passion, whether it is mathematics, the sciences or the arts. An education degree will offer students a chance to have a meaningful career, as well as earning a great living. At the principal level, people can expect to earn an average of $90,000, while postsecondary teachers can earn $72,000.


Finance is the perfect mix of both mathematics and business, and finance specialists are extremely important in helping businesses run, especially when they need advice about finances. There is often the choice to work independently or to join a firm and work with others. Nearly every business will need financial help at some point, meaning this can make for a very lucrative career. These specialists can help people to maintain a stable budget and finalise successful ventures in the future. Earnings can vary depending on who you work for, but the average financial analyst will make $80,000 per year and a budget analyst will make $71,000.


If you are looking for a job that will make you a good living, then these are the degrees you need to keep in mind.