The Questions You Should Never Ask on A First Date

Entering the world of dating is never easy and when it comes to the first date, everyone gets nervous. You want to make a great first impression in the hopes that you will get a second date. You also hope that you will be compatible, and the date won’t be filled with forced small talk that gets you nowhere.

When people are nervous, it can be easy to say the wrong thing or ask questions that can come across not how you wanted them to. There are many things that you should do on a date and there are just as many that you shouldn’t do. You never want to talk about yourself too much or ask questions that are too personal for a first date. With our help you can avoid the awkwardness by avoiding these questions in particular.

What Happened with Your Last Relationship?

On a date you want to get to know each other, find out your best traits and see if you’re a good match. What you don’t want to do is dive into the other person’s past and ask how their previous relationship ended. This sort of question can make people feel put on the spot and like they are being interrogated. To start with, you don’t know how long ago the relationship ended and it could still be raw, so bringing up those feelings is never a good idea. It is something to talk about once a connection is built and you are sure a relationship will form. No one wants to spend a first date talking about their ex after all, you want to have fun.

Why Are You Single?

Many people often pair this question with a compliment such as, “You’re so incredible, how are you still single?” The problem is that it never comes across this way to the other person. It will cause them to think there is something wrong with them or with the fact they have been single for a long time. Some people choose not to be in relationships for one reason or another, and a lot of it has to do with having more important things happening in their life. There is nothing wrong with someone being single and this question is best avoided if you don’t want things to become awkward.

How Many People Have You Been Intimate With?

This is probably one of the rudest questions to ask on a first date and should be avoided at all costs. The number of partners someone has been with is a private matter and should never be anyone’s business. If they want you to know, they will tell you, but it will never be on a first date as it can make people feel uncomfortable. Not to mention, we still live in a world where people judge others on the answer to this question and no one wants to feel like that. In fact, anything that is sexual related is probably best to be left alone for the first date, especially if you want to create a meaningful connection.

Do You Want to Get Married and Have Kids?

You have just met this person for the first time on a date and already you see a future with them. However, you definitely shouldn’t ask them if they plan on getting married or having kids, as it is too personal and intense. It can also make you come across as desperate for asking the question, showing that it is all you’re focusing on. You don’t want to be seen as impulsive, which often raises red flags for many people. Asking about kids and marriage is something to talk about when a relationship is already established, not on the first date.

How Much Money Does Your Job Make?

If you want to come across as shallow and only interested in someone for their money, this is the question that will show it. Avoid asking about how much money the other person makes as it is one of the rudest questions to ask. It is perfectly alright to talk about your jobs as it gives another topic to talk about and learn more about the other person, but the money aspect is often seen as being intrusive. Even if you ask this out of curiosity, it will make them doubt your intensions for a relationship and if you’re only interested if the person is rich.

Hopefully, if you avoid these questions and anything else that can come across as rude, the date will go well, and you’ll click. Of course, everyone knows it is hard to find a partner, but first dates are meant to be fun. So, enjoy your time together and get to know each other.