How to Survive A Long-Haul Flight

Unless you are a seasoned flyer, it can be difficult to know how to prepare for a long-haul flight for the first time. Long-haul flights often involve being in the air for more than eight hours, which can seem quite daunting at times, not to mention quite boring. You need to think ahead about how you will occupy your time on the flight or how you will manage to sleep when there are others around you who might spend the flight chatting to the person next to them. Below are some of the best tips on how to survive a long-haul flight.

white airliner on runway

Dress Comfortably

The worst thing you can do is to wear something you will be uncomfortable in such as tight tops or jeans that don’t allow for much movement. You want to wear comfortable clothes, preferably elasticated ones as you will be sitting for a while and don’t want the band of your trouser to dig into your stomach. It might also be a good idea to bring a jacket or sweatshirt to put on as well. Aeroplanes have powerful aircon systems that can sometimes make it a little chilly for those on board.

Bring Entertainment

There is nothing worse than having to sit in silence with nothing to do for 9+ hours on a plane. You want something that will keep you entertained and allow the hours to pass by without you noticing. For a lot of people, this means putting headphones in and watching movies, either provided by the flight or on your own tablet. Other people like to read a book or get some work done without their phones to distract them.

Pack Snacks

On a long-haul flight, you might have to wait a while before the food trolley begins catering to the passengers, so it is always a good idea to pack some snacks for the meantime. Anything that is slow-energy releasing such as nuts or protein bars are great options, as well as a piece of fruit like an apple or banana. Time zones can sometimes be weird, and you could end up eating breakfast for dinner or the other way around, so always be prepared for when hunger strikes.

shallow focus photography of people inside of passenger plane

Prepare for Sleep

If your flight is at night, you will need to be ready to sleep, but that can be difficult if you don’t have everything you need for a peaceful rest. A lightweight blanket and travel pillow are great places to start so you can be as comfortable as possible. Remember that there are other people on the plane too and a good pair of earplugs can help to block out any noise. We also suggest packing some toiletries to help you freshen up before landing so you will feel good as new.

Move Often

When you sit for a long period of time, your muscles can start to ache and you could develop deep vein thrombosis. To avoid this, make sure you are getting out of your seat and moving around the plane to stretch your legs. There are even YouTube videos that show how you can do gentle exercises while seated instead of always walking around.

Drink Water

It is much easier for people to become dehydrated when they are in an aircraft cabin as it can become very dry. People often complain of their skin becoming dry as well, so a good way to combat this is by drinking lots of water. Try to avoid tea, coffee or alcohol and drink your water slowly and regularly to remain hydrated. Sometimes you will be able to bring water onto the plane, but if this isn’t possible you can always buy some on board.

All of these tips should be able to help you relax on your long-haul flight and before you know it you will feel like a pro!