Is Homeschooling a Good Idea?

You have a child who’s ready to enter school. However, have you already decided where to send him to school? Or maybe, you are one of those who consider homeschooling as an option for their education?

If that’s the case, then you might ask the question: Is homeschooling a good idea? Let’s take a glimpse of some details regarding this.

What is Homeschooling?

Homeschooling can simply be defined as a kind of education where children are taught around the four corners of the home and that the parents or private-hired tutors handle the whole teaching-learning process. Though the family has the right to determine the lesson or activity to be taught and what type of approach can be used, the government still has some regulations that should be followed depending on which state you are in.

Is Homeschooling the Best Way to Education?

There are several factors to consider when taking chances of teaching your child at home. The following will give you some points to decide whether you should homeschool them or not:

1. Time Commitment

Are you a working mom busy doing your paperwork, fieldwork, and whatever need-to-do list you have in your work? Are you a single parent who wants only the best for your children and would do anything to provide all their needs?

No matter what lifestyle you have, time would always be a very important factor to consider. Think about whether you can provide your kids with sufficient time dealing with their studies. Homeschooling takes a huge deal of time as it is not only the “sitting down” that you do. You need to take up lessons every day, assist them in making projects, teach them more than what is seen in the books, and cultivate the right conduct that they ought to have.

2. Parental Decision and Agreement

As the saying goes, “It takes two to tango.” Decision-making always involves both parents. It will put some stress on the family when only one parent decided for homeschooling. Therefore, it will be helpful to do research on this to weigh its pros and cons.

3. Child’s Opinion

While there is the parent’s decision to partake in the final say for home education, a child’s opinion would have the greatest veto power. Your child must be willing to have his homeschooling, or everything else will not fall in place. Talk to your child about your decision and ask what concerns him the most about the idea of being homeschooled.

4. Impact on Household Finances

Homeschooling doesn’t require a large amount of money, but it needs you as a parent to sacrifice your job just to make it possible. It means you have to sacrifice your job, and when you do, your household’s income will definitely decrease, making you cut down the expenses you usually have.

However, it is still possible to continue with your work and do the homeschooling for your child, but it will require you to adjust your time or schedule to make way to this type of education you want for your child.


Deciding on what school you want your child to be enrolled in can put so much pressure on you, especially if you only have a few months or weeks to decide. However, do take note that not everyone is for homeschooling – it takes time, commitment, and sacrifice.

Now that you already know some factors you might want to consider in taking the path to this kind of education, you may decide if homeschooling is really the best for your child. Whatever decision you may have, you as a parent should make sure that you only give the best education for your child.