How Owning A Pet Can Help with Your Anxiety

More and more people are learning that it is better to talk about their mental health than to hide away and pretend everything is alright. We live in a world where one in four people will experience anxiety or stress related illnesses in their lifetime. However, there are some things that people can do to help alleviate some of the symptoms of anxiety, such as feeling on edge or depressed. One of these things is owning a pet and there are many ways they can help a person in need.

Pets Are Great Listeners

Sometimes people with anxiety just want to talk to someone and not have advice thrown their way. Many people don’t understand how anxiety can’t just be cured in a simple way and sometimes the advice only makes the anxiety worse. Having a pet that you can talk too can help the situation. They won’t try to fix you or solve problems that you have. Instead they will lie next to you, listening to your voice as you talk to them and will sometimes give you a lick if they feel like it.

They Give the Best Cuddles

A hug can do so much good and when it comes from a fluffy cat or dog it is even better. Contact that is loving and relaxing can make people with anxiety feel better, but sometimes they don’t want to be around other humans. Owning a pet means that you can cuddle up with them on the sofa whenever you feel like it and you are guaranteed to receive love in return. It has been scientifically proven that stroking a pet calms people and can even reduce blood pressure. So, not only is it helping your anxiety, but there are health benefits as well!

Your Mood Is Improved

When you have a sweet dog wagging their tail with their tongue sticking out or a cat purring as they rub against your leg, it is almost impossible to stay in a bad mood. It is the reason why cute animal videos always go viral on social media. It’s hard to resist the sweetness, which makes owning a pet perfect for helping anxiety. People with depression and anxiety will often fall into low moods that can be hard to climb out of. However, having a pet will drastically improve your mood, especially when you take the time to play with them and see how happy they are.

Pets Encourage Exercise

Those that suffer from anxiety often have a hard time going out into the world. They often worry about what will happen to them or if people will judge them for how they look or what they wear. The thing about owning a dog, or even a cat, is that they need to go outside for exercise. They can’t stay cooped up inside and with you as their owner, it is your responsibility to take them for a walk, which forces you to exercise as well. Fitting in a morning and evening walk into your regime will do wonders for your mood due to the endorphins that are released when exercising. It is great for stress management and will help you to bond with your pet as well.

They Will Always Be by Your Side

Having anxiety can often be a lonely experience. People that are diagnosed say how they sometimes push people away, but that won’t happen with a pet. You won’t ever be alone with a dog or cat constantly wanting attention and love from you. They can help to ease any nerves you might have about being in the house on your own and offer comfort when you need it. While they may not be able to talk back to you, it helps knowing that they are nearby for a cuddle. You won’t ever have to worry about whether they love you or not, because a pet’s love is unconditional. They won’t argue or shout at you, although they will possibly bark or meow when they need food. No matter what, they will always be on your side and that can do a world of good where anxiety is concerned.

The benefits of owning a pet are far greater than the added stress of being responsible for them and having to do more daily work. When things are tough, they can help to make you feel better and it is guaranteed that they will never stop loving you.