How To Build Your Passive Income

There are limitations a job can provide you. The income it generates depends on your capability and health. This may sound too good to be true, but with the way the market has become inclined to technology, a passive income, wherein you can earn while even sleeping, is very much possible. Here are some ways to generate passive income.

  1. Stocks that pay a dividend and other investments

This passive income generator requires a bit of an amount to start with. From there, the stocks you have to be investing must be paying dividends. It may take time and even analysis, and without physical work at all, you will get a payout at certain interval periods.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a relatively new approach to generating income by establishing your brand by promoting other companies on a website or social media platform. It is generally similar to sponsorship, except that you are not endorsing through the talents or skills you are displaying. When users access that affiliated link, you begin to earn regardless of whatever happens after.

  1. Display Ads

Display ads are like billboards, except that the property where it stands symbolizes your online content. This may be a long-term transaction, meaning the more online users visit your site, the more chances of seeing the display ad gets higher. You will be exerting effort with the quality of your content, and as you get more viewers, more companies will be investing in you for display ads.

  1. CPC Ads (Cost Per Click)

If you think affiliate marketing and display ads sound a bit easy for income generators, granted you produce good content, then CPC ads are easier. You will be earning when a person clicks the ad, whether or not it is being closed right away. The means of earning can be so easy that even shady practices are developed like click-baiting and click farming.

  1. Sell leads

This strategy is much like providing referrals. Instead of earning through a commission of purchased products on your website, it will be better to sell leads. It doesn’t need much manpower for site maintenance, but it is easier to manage; although you may be earning lesser than direct commissions.

  1. Course Sales

Course sales can be summed up as teaching. Mostly, this caters to those who have met a level of success in certain fields and want an income generator when they lay low. It may require a lot of work and risk initially, but with proper strategy, you will be earning from people who avail the courses without you needing to update the content often.

  1. Creating a Digital Product

Books are often a complicated process but with technology, you can produce a paperless book. E-books are only one of the digital products you can create and sell to certain platforms. However, it will carry a risk of being pirated by non-authorized distributors.

  1. YouTube Ads


One of the most visited websites in the world, Youtube will never run out of interesting content. Millions of videos are uploaded from time to time, hoping to be recognized. That recognition can lead to attracting investors to advertise their products on your videos, and the more views you make, the more guaranteed the advertisements are.

  1. Personal Financial Planning Practice

Basically, it is a remote management of a physical business. This turns out to be a passive income if the existing business has become well established and you will be managing it at the comfort of your time and location. This may take years to develop into passive.

  1. Selling an Established Business

As you have been building that effort and yielding the fruits of labor, you might decide to cross another path. Therefore, to minimize managing things, you can sell your business. It may be very selective but having an established business sold will provide you the earnings right away, making it easy to transition to your next path.


Passive income is very possible to an ordinary earner like you because of modern technology. Whatever strategy you use, remember that passive income is investing strategic planning and hard work before earning becomes easy.