Is Veganism for You?

Many people are embracing the vegan lifestyle as more and more celebrities are popularizing the diet to their fans. Celebrities like Natalie Portman, Tom Brady, Zac Efron, and Beyonce have switched to veganism for different reasons but have all found the beauty and benefits in doing so.

In this article, we will talk about veganism, its benefits, and the things you must consider if you are planning to do a lifestyle change.

What is Veganism?

Veganism, or vegan lifestyle, is simply a plant-based diet. People who opt for this kind of eating lifestyle have greens, vegetables, legumes, lentils, and fruits as their staple food. Strictly no meat in any form will be part of the diet. Although some vegans include dairy products like milk and eggs, and some even fish meat, strict veganism strongly discourages the consumption of all meat and its produce.

Things to Consider

When planned well, veganism can actually be fun and challenging. You will never run out of food to eat, especially if you will become creative in your vegetarian menu. A mix of greens with legumes or fruits will spice up any meal. There are many vegan cooking recipes that you can refer to. If you are considering going vegan soon, here are some things you need to give careful thought to:

1. Cost

There is a misconception that veganism is expensive. Well, we can say that it is entirely dependent on the person. Just like any other diet, the cost is determined by the person’s resourcefulness and preference. While there are many vegan specific stores today, you can easily find cheaper alternatives in the fresh produce section of supermarkets or wet markets.

2. Sustainability

Ask yourself this: “Can I really sustain living a vegan lifestyle?” If you can answer this confidently with a yes, then go ahead. One key factor you must think about before going vegan is sustainability. Can you do it? Do you have the means to do it? Will you intentionally pursue the lifestyle? It is very easy to revert to your old lifestyle when your chosen diet is not sustainable in the long term.

3. Purpose

What is your reason for pursuing veganism? Is it for health reasons? For ethical reasons? Do you simply want to help reduce the planet’s burden? Whatever it is, stick to your purpose. Your reason will help you to keep going with a vegan diet, especially when you start experience negative responses from your meat-lover family members and friends.

NOTE: Eating at most restaurants can be difficult since the majority are not vegan.

Why Veganism is Beneficial

Now that you know the key considerations to go vegan, let us share with you the beneficial reasons why veganism is for you. Keep tab of these benefits and amaze yourself soon!

• It increases your energy

The healthier a diet is, the more energy it gives the human body. Veganism allows a person to skip sugary treats that create energy crashes. Going on a plant-based diet aims for a more sustainable energy source than those with a meat-processed diet.

• It provides you with a clearer skin

Since almost all vegetables and fruits have natural antioxidants, consuming more of them results in younger and healthier-looking skin. Veganism can actually be helpful to people with allergies to dairy products as the strict vegan diet doesn’t allow any form of dairy products.

• It improves blood sugar

A clinical study made in 2009 showed results that diabetic people who subscribed to a vegan diet began experienced improved glucose control, with some even ceasing some of their pharmaceutical medications. Higher fiber intake that is found in most plants is related to lowering blood sugar.

• It lowers cholesterol level

One obvious benefit of going vegan is the decrease in blood cholesterol levels due to the decrease in fatty food intake found in meat-based products. Lower cholesterol means lower blood pressure and lower risk of cardiovascular-related problems.

Final Thoughts

Going from the usual meat-eating diet to veganism requires a drastic lifestyle change. Make sure to consider all factors before making a decision to switch. Better yet, consult your doctor, especially if you have specific medical conditions requiring target nutritional intake.