Ways to Avoid Distractions While Taking Online Classes

Taking online classes is undeniably distracting. There are a lot of temptations that can divert your full attention from your online class. Focus and motivation are easily swayed by a quick hover of the mouse pointer. To ensure you get all the attention where it needs to be, here are some ways to eliminate distractions.

  • Build a designated study area

Even though the classes are conducted online, your attention will be greatly affected by the environment you are currently at. A quiet location is surely beneficial to attain focus directly.

Not only the lowered level of noises mattered, the convenience of getting the things you needed like educational materials, food, and access to the bathroom can also affect the ease of transition for your focus.

  • Distancing from temptations

Many things can distract you on your computer or smartphone. One of the most obvious is social media. A single glance can lead to an hour of scrolling down on hundreds of posts. There are also games that entice you to play while appearing attentive to the online class. Other distractions include websites of your interests, online videos, and music. Even a sudden text or call can be a distraction if it is unnecessary.

The only way to deal with them is not to open any distractions by turning the notifications off and set the tones to mute. If somehow, you had open one, put in the mindset that you can do all those things after the online class, so set them aside instead.

  • Self-reward

Paying attention to your online class can be really tasking. The longer it takes, if it has become less interesting, the more convincing those temptations are.  Setting a reward system can help ease the burden.

You can have either in-between rewards, an ending reward, or a combination of both. Make sure that they will not compromise the retention of the learning recently acquired.

  • Encourage participation from others

A gathering of friends might be not a good idea for a group study. If time is of the essence, then prefer to be in the company of willing and committed persons that can help you to be better.

If such persons are nowhere to be found, then you have to work on your socialization skills and encourage those people around to be serious in your online classes.  You can apply reward systems or even better, start having healthy arguments and debates in relation to the discussed topic.

Having someone to share your views about the class and get some information about the other person’s opinion or understanding helps you to see multiple learning angles.

  • Take down written notes

Staring at a screen for a longer duration can be less beneficial to your eyes. You can take breaks from time to time, and instead of focusing your eyes on the information, you can take down notes instead.

With just a few moments, you obtain breaks from staring the screen and somehow exercise your other sensory capabilities. Notes are helpful when you will be offline, and you will need them especially in reviewing for an exam.



Online classes can be tougher than classroom learning due to the many distractions readily available. Sometimes, these distractions are the very things you are interested in, in your leisure time. However, you must take note that the purpose of online classes is remote learning at your convenience.

If you have that very fast internet connection, a powerful desktop loaded with games, or an edgy smartphone as you take your online class, be aware that there are motivated people who are learning online despite the lack of resources and the presence of more painful distractions. So be sure to keep those distractions, and try your best to give your undivided attention to your online class.