What A Senior Driver Should Look for In A Vehicle

In today’s modern society, you need a car to get from A to B. Most people need to travel to their place of work, drive to get groceries and visit new places nearby. Without a car, all of this would be near enough impossible to do quickly and just because you get older doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drive. Of course, there are precautions that need to be taken.

As a person grows old, certain cognitive abilities begin to diminish such as their eyesight and hearing, both of which are important when it comes to driving. However, there have been lots of advantages in technology that work to better the driving experience for senior drives. These technologies are incorporated into vehicles to make it easier for them to drive and give others peace of mind when they are on the road. Here are the features that a senior driver should look for in their next vehicle.

Keyless Entry and Ignition

As people begin to age, they will experience more issues with their joints and something that a lot of people suffer from is arthritis. This can cause their hands to lock up or have stiff and painful fingers that make it harder for them to grip things. It can be a challenge just to unlock the car door and put the key into the ignition.

However, many modern vehicles now come with keyless entry and this is made possible by a little fob that they can carry easily. All they need to do is press the unlock button and they can enter the car. As long as the fob is on them, they will be able to push a small button on the car to start the engine, making it effortless for senior drivers to get going. There are also cars that come with a remote-operated trunk, so there will be no more fumbling around for the button to unlock it.

Heated Seats

Not only should the car seats be adjustable to allow them to enter and exit the vehicle easily, but they should also come with heated technology. When you are older, you will notice pains in the lower back and legs that can make it difficult to move, but this is easily helped by a heated pad. With heated seats, you can ease the pain and relieve arthritis easily. Some models even come with a heated steering wheel to keep the fingers supple when driving.

High-Contrast Digital Speedometer

Seniors often have to deal with their eyesight diminishing and they may struggle to see a traditional speedometer on the dashboard as it is usually small. Instead, they should buy a car that comes with a high-contrast digital speedometer, as this will make the numbers easier to see at a glance. Some people may not even realize how fast or slow they are going, but with a digital screen, it can be clearly seen.

Thick Steering Wheel

Many people have trouble gripping the steering wheel as they get older, especially the regular type that are thinner and often slippery. By choosing a vehicle with a thick steering wheel, they will be able to have more control of the vehicle and make it easier for them to drive. It is even better if the wheel is textured to make sure their hands don’t slip as that could cause accidents.

Navigation System

No matter what age you are, there will always be places you need to drive to that you have never been to before. Using a traditional map is no longer a viable option as people get older because they can be confusing and the small details may not be seen easily. Instead, buy a vehicle that comes with a navigation system built into the dashboard and it avoids the hassle of having to buy your own. These systems can read out the turn-by-turn directions to you, which will aid you in making sure you find the right way to your destination. For senior drivers, they will need one that has a large screen to make them easier to program and operate as small buttons can be difficult.

Parking Aids

When you get older, you aren’t always as aware of your surroundings as you once were, which can make parking and reversing a problem at times. This can easily be solved by buying a car that comes equipped with parking aids. This can be in the form of sensors that start to make a loud beeping sound when you are too close to something, or even a rear-view camera that will show an image on the dashboard of what’s behind you. You won’t need to twist around to see what is behind you in the seat, which could cause back problems.


As a senior driver, it is important that you have your driving skills checked before heading out on the road, but these features can make the experience easier and more enjoyable.