Best Advice for Newly High School Graduates

High school life is one of the best chapters in someone’s life, but like most things, it also comes to an end. For high school graduates, this phase is a bitter-sweet moment. The excitement over what’s to come and the sadness over what’s being left behind combine. Let’s hope that the list of advice below will help you make the best of your post-high school life.

1. It’s okay not to know.

The questions people ask you after graduation might make you feel pressured, thinking that you must already have an answer for all of them; you don’t. Yes, it’s good to have some sort of plan for the future, but it’s okay to not know things. You don’t have to have all the answers right away.

2. Don’t hold on too much on high school friendships.

The friendships you’ve made in your high school years would be your treasure but that doesn’t mean that those will be the only meaningful friendships you’ll have in life. Keep in touch with them, but give yourselves space and room to grow separately.

3. Be open to meeting new people.

In light of not holding on too tightly on high school friendships, be open to meeting new people and possibly friends. Life after high school will give you tons of opportunities to meet diverse people, especially in college. Do not shy away from them.

4. Try new things.

Do try new things. This is your time to explore and discover things that you didn’t even imagine before. Of course, this does not mean harmful habits like substance abuse. We’re talking more about activities that will help you experience more of life. In case you get some bad experiences along the way, take them in, too. They’re all beneficial to your knowledge in life.

5. Focus on developing yourself.

High school can be intimidating. With all the things going on and people around, you might lose who you really are. Don’t think that life after that will be very different. This is why you’d do well if you focus on developing yourself. Compete with the old you, not against the other people you see on the campus.

6. Trust yourself.

The diversity in people you will see might overwhelm you. The workload might overwhelm you. The reality of adulthood might overwhelm you; don’t let it. Trust yourself, and remember that almost everyone was in your place once, too. If they could make, so can you.

7. Be more responsible.

You are not a child anymore. This is the start of your adult life, and so you should start being more responsible with your studies, actions, and decisions. This is the time when you take steps to have a better future. Do not waste it by always doing things that are not beneficial to you.

8. Talk to professors and teaching assistants.

Don’t be scared of professors and teaching assistants. They might be strict, but they are educators for a reason. Their purpose is to nurture you and help you with your education. If you feel like you want to know something, don’t hesitate to come up to them and ask.

9. Talk to your family.

Most people spend their lives after high school far away from home. That doesn’t mean that your family is not there for you. If there’s anything that you want to talk about, do so with your family. Make them your source of strength.

10. Have fun.

Lastly, don’t forget to have fun! This is a new chapter of your life. Embrace the new things, and seize the moment.


Changes can be scary, but remember that these changes will help you grow as a person. Learn to cope with them as you discover yourself, and just have fun while you’re at it.