Great Hobby Ideas for Seniors

Once you’ve reached the age of retirement, you would naturally find yourself with a lot more time on your hands. Finding a worthwhile hobby then becomes imperative. These hobbies need not entail a lot of energy, expenses, or even time.

Some opt to go for hobbies that lean towards fitness while there are those who prefer to spend more time outdoors, whether it be gardening or camping. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to pursuing a new hobby or endeavor. What matters is that it is one that is enjoyable!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Gardening

Gardening remains to be one of the top choices for seniors and retirees. You can ease your way into this hobby by starting with smaller plants such as succulents. Once you’re ready for more serious “plant work,” you can then move on to the more complicated category of indoor plants.

Getting into gardening not only gives you the physical activity that you need on a daily basis, but it also provides fresh air for your home. So you see, you can never go wrong with maximizing your green thumb!

2. Woodwork

For those who have been gifted with really great eye-hand coordination, this may be the hobby for you. You can start by watching tutorial videos online and then slowly build your arsenal of tools.

The woodworks that you finish could even be great Christmas gifts for your loved ones! Create wooden toys for your grandkids. Come up with a great birdhouse for your neighbors. The possibilities are endless!

3. Arts

Harness your creative side with arts and crafts. Invest in quality brushes and paint and let your imagination run wild. Still, life, landscapes, and seascapes are always nice painting ideas. Even better, you can let out your feelings and emotions in your paintings. When you’re done, you can have them framed and displayed in your home.

4. Puzzles

Love a challenge? Go for jigsaw puzzles! These may be challenging – not to mention, frustrating at times – but the satisfaction and pride you will get once you complete a puzzle will be worth it. You can start with puzzles with fewer pieces and then master your way into those that have 1000 or more pieces. This is a great way to pass the time while keeping your eyes and mind sharp.

5. Music

Since you no longer have to spend your day at work, you can now finally start learning to play that musical instrument you have always wanted to play- whether it be the guitar, piano, or the violin. If there are music classes in your community, go join them. This way, you not only learn, but you also get the chance to meet fellow music enthusiasts.

6. Baking

With baking, you will surely be a hit with your family and friends. You can bake all-time favorites such as chocolate cookies or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can come up with your own pastry recipe. Spending more time in the kitchen, experimenting on recipes until you have them perfected, will surely be good for your overall wellbeing.

7. Blogging

Just because you grew up without the technology available now does not mean you can’t catch up. You can start blogging! Talk about your interests, your experiences, or even your daily thoughts. You can let out anything and everything in your blogs.

The good news is, if you’re patient enough, you may even turn blogging into a lucrative source of income. Besides, who says only the young could be influencers?


So you see, there is a myriad of hobbies that you can choose from. This list does not even begin to scratch the surface. Whatever hobby or activity you decide to pursue, make sure it’s something that would make you feel good about yourself.