Hair Hacks that will Save You Some Time

Your hair is your crowning glory. How your hair looks tell a lot about your personality and hygiene. Therefore, you must take care of it properly so it will grow healthy, vibrant and beautiful. However, aside from the proper care of your hair, it is also essential that you make an effort to make it look great, especially when going out.

Hairstyling is crucial in establishing your look great and presentable. However, thirty minutes of hairstyling may not be enough, especially if you will attend a special event. It would be best if you then learned some hair tricks to cut your getting ready time shorter.

Here are a few simple hair hacks that will help you save time in hairstyling:

Use Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are the most useful tools that you can use to style your hair quickly. It could be a scrunchie, hairpin, bandana, headband or anything that will hold your hair back. These accessories can make hair styling faster since you have to collect your hair and put it on for that neat and casual look. Aside from that, the simple act of tying your hair can make you more comfortable as you go on your day.

Hundred Brush Strokes

They say that brushing your dry hair a hundred times before going to bed will give you shiny and tangle-free hair in the morning. Doing this will help you in styling your hair a little faster. You do not have to deal with the tangles in the morning. Aside from that, brushing your hair gently and steadily helps your hair grow better. Styling in the morning will be a lot easier too as you do not have to deal with massive tangles.

Topknot and Buns

If you want to skip the shower in the morning, you can do the top knot. Putting your hair in a topknot is a neat way to hide its greasiness. This is ideal for people who have long hair. However, those who have shorter hair can still do half topknot. To do this, comb your hair a bit and then collect them all. Do the ponytail and turn it into a knot. You will look fresh, neat and ready for the day.

Use the Curler Magic

Every woman would want to achieve those soft and beautiful curls that celebrities have. Well, you can have this if you do the rollers or curler magic. While your hair is still damp, you can apply mousse and then curl in the rollers or curlers. Do this before going to bed. In the morning, remove the curlers and spray on some finishing spray. Brush it so that your beautiful and soft curls will show. Using non-heat curlers will less likely damage your hair and give you the result that you want to achieve.

Braid for Wave

If you are looking to don beautiful wavy hair, you can get your hair braided before going to bed. The twist will keep your hair in shape overnight. You can set your hair free in the morning and brush it a bit. It will amaze you with how wavy your hair becomes. This cuts your preparation time shorter since you need not do extensive hair styling.

Final Thoughts

With these tips and tricks, you can style your hair even without professional help. You do not need to visit a hair salon to have the hair that you want. The tips mentioned above are easy and time-efficient. Remember, with proper care, grooming and style; you can achieve the hair on want on your own. All you have to do is to be diligent and practice.