Healthy Smoothie Recipe Ideas

Are you a health-conscious person who loves smoothie? Well, this one is definitely what you are looking for. Most of us are having a hard time finding healthier drinks we can consume every day.

Now, you don’t have to look further because a smoothie can take that problem away. The power of several cleansing natural products can be found in a glass of smoothie.  The following are the ingredients for the smoothie along with their health benefits:


Carrots are known to offer overall health benefits to the digestive system, skin, and teeth. It’s powerful antioxidant properties are effective in sustaining healthy skin while keeping us from any potential disease. The alkaline elements contained in carrots help in revitalizing and purifying the blood for a healthier you. Carrots are considered one of the most effective detoxifying organic products that aid digestion through the minerals and enzymes that it produces. When consumed regularly, it helps you prevent any digestive disorder as well as gastric ulcers.

The nutritional content of beetroot makes it a popular ingredient to salad, soup, and smoothies. It contains several essential minerals and vitamins including magnesium, dietary fiber, copper, betaine, glycine, and a lot more. Adding this to your regular smoothie is beneficial to your liver’s health, stimulating its functions at its best.


Lemon is known for its antibacterial and cleansing properties. Considered as a detoxifier and cleanser, regular consumption of lemon is associated with multiple health benefits such as treating kidney stones, strengthening the immune system, and most especially for cleansing the stomach. It can prevent the occurrence of liver cancer and ulcer as it is rich in antioxidant components.

Hemp Smoothie

In making a Hemp smoothie you just need to purchase a protein powder that is made from hemp seeds, blueberries, dandelion greens, coconut water, avocado, and raw cacao powder. Then, mix it all using a blender. It is a known fact that hemp seeds are a good source of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids that aids in clearing our skin. On the other hand, the dandelion greens aid in detoxifying the body while the cacao powder, as well as the avocado, are known as antioxidants. Of course, we should not forget the coconut water that keeps our skin cell hydrated.

Berry Smoothie

A berry smoothie is also a great detoxifying drink that is also great for the skin. The ingredients for this recipe do not only aid in making your skin look young, but it will also help you protect it against the harmful rays of the sun that can damage our skin. The ingredients in this recipe include flaxseeds that are capable of smoothening the skin, yogurt that improves the skin’s elasticity as well as firmness, and kale that is great in improving the overall appearance of your skin. Once you have blended all of it, then you can drink it chilled to enjoy drinking it to the highest level.

Coconut Water Smoothie

This smoothie is called the coconut water smoothie, it contains other ingredients than coconut water that aids in providing a more glowing skin. Together with the coconut water, you just need to add orange and mango which are known for containing tons of vitamins including Vitamin E, C, K, A, and B.

As they are naturally sweet, there is no need for you to add sugar, which makes it more healthy. You can also add strawberries in this recipe, which is also rich in Vitamin C that aids in improving the skin’s elasticity. Apart from that, you can also add carrot which has anti-aging properties.

As you might have noticed, you can mostly find the ingredients for the smoothie recipes above from your kitchen or fridge. If you do not have them in your home, then there is also no need for you to worry about that for you can easily purchase them from the stores near you. This only goes to show that it is not difficult to have glowing skin at all, nor do you need to spend a huge amount of money on it.