Preventive Measures to Help Combat the Common Flu

Influenza, popularly known as flu, is a respiratory illness that is caused by a viral infection. It is also contagious as it spreads from person to person through respiratory droplets made from sneezing or coughing, which are some of its symptoms. If left untreated, flu can lead to severe complications that can even lead to death.

Contracting common flu is something you’ll never want to happen, especially if you are working hard to earn a living or taking care of your family. However, there are preventive measures you can follow should you contract it. Following these measures will help you combat it as well as strengthen your overall physical wellbeing. Here are five ways you can do to fight common flu.


Maintain a strong and healthy immune system

Whether you or someone you know has contracted flu, it is best to upgrade your overall immunity to it. Maintaining a robust immune system not only helps you combat common flu viruses; it also makes your body resistant to the pathogen. You can achieve this by maintaining a balanced diet, including fruits and vegetables to your meals, getting enough rest, doing physical exercises, and avoiding stress. You can also take multivitamins, especially Vitamin D supplements, to help fortify your overall immunity to respiratory diseases.


Always practice proper hygiene and other good health habits

When you contracted flu, try to stay away from anyone. Especially if you are sneezing or coughing, keep a reasonable distance from everyone. Do not force yourself to go to school or work if you have one. The same range applies to those who you knew to have flu. Also, as a golden rule, it is crucial to maintain proper hygiene. Wash your hands before and after meals, never touch your face when you hold on to doorknobs or stair ledges.


Take antiviral drugs or get a flu vaccine shot

As a kid, we had taken a flu vaccine that has helped us become immune to the virus. However, this vaccine usually wears out after fifty years or so. It is best to get the vaccine again once we reach forty years old to maintain our immunity against it and have our children over six months old to get it as well. If you have chronic pulmonary disorders or are immunosuppressed, seek medical advice immediately about taking the flu vaccine.


If you have contracted flu, it is vital to seek medical help right away. Doctors can prescribe antiviral drugs that can help fight the virus and protect your body from it. If you are someone with a history of respiratory problems, take this advice promptly. You can take this advice if you have succumbed to it for more than three days and has not reduced your body temperature or if you continued sneezing or coughing for more than a week.


Quit smoking and other unhealthy vices

Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes or tobacco are known to reduce the immunity levels of our body. Plus, it gets your entire body system more exposed to lung damages that can be worsened by the presence of the virus. Getting exposed to second-hand smoke can also increase exposure to the virus. The vulnerability becomes higher if they are children below ten years of age, or they’re someone who has a weaker immune system.


Always stay hydrated

If you believe you have flu, keep yourself hydrated. Constant hydration helps in lowering your body temperature to normal, it also keeps your throat, mouth, and nose moist that aids in proper breathing. Also, it helps prevent dehydration and protects your digestion while you’re combatting the virus.



As much as we want to stay immune, there is no telling when we get it or how we contract flu. The critical thing to remember is to prevent the virus from entering the body. Constant handwashing, covering your nose or mouth when sneezing or coughing, and keeping a healthy lifestyle would go a long way in protecting our body from common diseases like influenza.