Signs That Show You’ve Found the Perfect Job

Most people will try out a few industries and have a number of jobs before they find the right one for them. It can be difficult to find a job that has everything you want such as exciting tasks, an understandable boss and good pay. A lot of people question whether they are on the right career path for them or if they could be happier somewhere else. People also ask if there is the perfect job out there waiting for them, and if so, how will they know when they find it.

Everybody has a different set of criteria when it comes to finding the perfect job for them, but there are a few things that they should have in common.

It Will Motivate You

You shouldn’t feel unease at your job. In fact, when you’ve found the right one, you should feel motivated to do the best at your job and even have fun while doing it. People who love their jobs often say how interesting their day is and that they look forward to arriving at their place of work every day. It shouldn’t be daunting in the slightest and will often energise you in ways that mean you won’t feel depleted at the end of the day.

You Look Forward to Mondays

A lot of people often complain of having the Sunday evening blues when they have a job they don’t like. They will sit at home and fret about what lies ahead for them when they get to the office. However, when you have a job you love, you will find that you end up looking forward to going to work on a Monday morning. Of course, everyone loves the time off to spend with their family and doing the things they enjoy, but you won’t have that pit of dread in your stomach at the thought of going to work.

Feeling Comfortable

When you are doing well at your work and things are going right for you, you will begin to feel confident in your job role. This sense of comfort can make you feel as if you belong and is often a sign that you are where you should be. You can trust your instincts when it comes to making decisions about a client or task at hand, allowing you to take the initiative at times. If you are feeling uneasy about your role, then it might be time to look for something else.

You Talk About Work

People who dislike their place of work would rather talk about anything else other than their job. However, if you can talk about your job in a positive way then it shows that you are happy. Whether it is sharing a funny office tale or talking about the tasks you worked on, it is a sign that you are in the correct job role. What you shouldn’t be doing is complaining about a terrible boss or toxic colleagues to friends and family.

Not Looking Elsewhere

When people are unhappy with their place of work, they will often search through the job boards online to see if there is anything of interest. Whether it is to be closer to home, have more vacation time or better pay, people are just looking for a way out. If you find that the thought of finding a new job doesn’t even cross your mind, then it seems that you have found the perfect job for you.

Always Learning and Growing

People who have a terrible job often feel like they aren’t going to get anywhere in their chosen field. Every day is a drag where they work and it will bring them down. But when you are in the right job you will find that you are inspired to continue learning. Whether that is doing research in your own time or enrolling on a course to better yourself, it shows you want to grow. This development not only benefits yourself but also the company you work for and that is the true sign of being happy where you work.


Of course, there will be times when a job role gets tough, even if you love it! However, if you enjoy where you work, you will be more likely to push through the hard times and reap the rewards of being in the right job for you.