Southeast Asian Destinations to Include in Your Bucket List

The countries of Southeast Asia are diverse in cultures and rich in tropics. You may be attracted to visiting the megacities and the many leisure destinations they offer, but don’t fail to recognize some of the authentic experiences you can only get on that particular country. Here are some of the destinations you should definitely include in your bucket list.

  • Vietnam

Vietnam is said to be one of the hottest countries in Southeast Asia. However, the country has well-known tourist spots that that make you enjoy even under the heat of the sun. You can roam around the numerous souvenir shops of Hoi An and explore the nightlife in Hanoi. If you are more of an outdoor person, you can walk the sand dunes in Mu Ne, hike the terrain in Sapa, travel along the Mekong Delta, or sail on a boat across the Ha Long Bay.

  • Myanmar

If you are into cultural aesthetics, Myanmar’s Pagodas are truly a remarkable sight. You can also view the unrivaled beauty of the sunrise along the temples of Bagan through a ride on a hot air balloon.

  • Thailand

Thailand may have one of the craziest nightlife destinations ever, it also offers experiences beyond that. The White Temple found in Chiang Rai and the beach of Krabi are just a few examples. You can also experience authentic Thai culture by shopping through the floating markets of Bangkok, spectate at the Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai, and even learn the art of Muay Thai.

  • Malaysia

Malaysia can offer you experiences both in urban and in the countryside. You can visit the Batu Caves, hike on Mount Kinabalu, or fill your cravings with the many eateries in Penang while walking down the streets filled with artworks. If you want to feel being at the top of the world without any physical effort, feast your eyes with the view from the Petronas Towers.

  • Indonesia

As the largest archipelago nation in the world, Indonesia is expected to have many wonders worthy of a once-in-a-lifetime visit. From the ancient monuments in Borobudur to an up-close look of the rare Komodo Dragons to the amazing sunrise view on Mount Bromo, these experiences are unique with the other natural wonders and heritage sites. If you want a great splash, Bali offers you more than you can ever expect.

  • Laos

Heritage sites like in Luang Prabang is a marvelous site of ancient culture and long-lasting architecture. There may be not that many leisure spots in Laos, but they do have plenty of sceneries such as the Kuang Si Falls that you can feast your eyes with.

  • Cambodia

Like in most adventure movies, the Angkor Wat of Cambodia has many majestic temples in which you will only get to appreciate its grandeur up-close.

  • Brunei

One of the remaining practitioners of the monarchy system, Brunei’s Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque is a symbol of elegance and wealth and worthy of capturing pictures at every angle possible.

  • Philippines

One of the most beautiful nation archipelagos, there is no shortage of natural wonders and picturesque beaches. The Philippines has these amazing works of nature such as the Chocolate Hills and the Enchanted River. There are also man-made structures that rival that of the pyramids of Egypt like the Rice Terraces of Ifugao. Beach lovers and scuba divers will surely love the lakes of Coron, the river of Puerto Princesa, the biodiversity-rich diving spot in Tubbataha, the incalculable sardines in the seas of Cebu, and the world-famous white-sand beaches of Boracay.

  • Singapore

Just as you arrive at the best airport in the world, the expectations are already set high for this island city nation. Technically, the whole tour of Singapore itself is a wonderful experience for it is considered one of the cleanest and brightest concrete jungles in the world. On top of that, symbolizing its dedication to the environment is the Supertrees located in Gardens by the Bay.



Southeast Asia has some of the best experiences other continents cannot offer. At an affordable rate, you can already get a chance to visit all of them. The amount of spent is incomparable to the sights and culture that will be engraved in your memories.