Home Remedies to Treat a Cold

Cold is one of the most common illnesses a human being can encounter. Though it is as less harmless as it could be, there is no concrete medication to avoid catching it. Cold mainly affects the respiratory system: from the nose and throat to the ears and eyes depending on how sneezing is handled. It can also be an opening for a cough, an allergy, or even a fever.

Fortunately, there are many ways to combat colds. These can be through medications or simple home remedies. If the procedures are being done and the cold seems to be persisting, then a visit to the doctor is highly encouraged.

On the other hand, if the cold is not too severe, then you can try these home remedies instead:

1. Blowing the nose correctly

Mucus will accumulate inside the nose and create congestion. This can lessen oxygen intake and cause a headache. However, blowing the nose regularly relieves any unwanted accumulation and provides you with that temporary relief.

However, if it is done incorrectly, it might exert unnecessarily and even damaging pressure on other air passageways of the face like the ears and even the tear ducts of the eyes. To avoid this, blowing must be done in one nostril while covering the other and vice versa.

2. Drink more water than regular

As the cold kicks in, your body’s water will be used for mucus and phlegm formation. Blowing the nose for decongesting and forcing to spit out phlegm will remove those liquid formations, leaving the area affected dry.

Constant rehydration is needed to replenish the water content of your body and continue regulating your body temperature. Juices, tea with honey, and soup can be also effective alternatives to water. Avoid caffeinated drinks as they can further dehydration.

3. Gargle with warm water and salt

After waking up while still having a cold, the phlegm might be lodging on your throat and might cause soreness. When the cold starts to make you feel dehydrated, the tongue area will soon feel dry and inflamed. To soothe the area, gargle with warm water and a considerable portion of a teaspoon of salt. This might provide you with relief for a while so it is better to do this a few times a day.

4. Take a bath

A bath is another way of rehydrating the body and setting the body temperatures to normal. Hygiene plays a great role in fighting bodily virus infections.

5. Improve room condition

With the use of a humidifier, you can add moisture into the room, making it less irritating for your clogged nose. It can also help you in your oxygen intake as it can decongest the passageways.

6. Get enough rest

Your body’s immune system is constantly fighting the micro-organisms which caused the illness while other body systems try to maintain their functions normally. Therefore, it’s best to find enough time to rest to get that needed relaxation and preparation for another day of battling those viruses.

7. Use a vapor rub

Vapor rubs have that menthol chemical that can soothe any discomfort. It has to be applied externally and not taken internally. You can apply it regularly until the passageways in your nose are improved and the accumulated unnecessary mucus and phlegm are discharged fully.

8. Medication

Sometimes, you’ll find all those home remedies a burden to prepare. At the same time, medicines for colds are affordable since the illness is common. Before you take medicines, make sure that the dosage equates to your health status. The heavier the dosage, the more effective it will be. However, the stronger the side effects will become ranging from hunger to extreme drowsiness.