Natural Makeup Removers You Can Easily Find in the Kitchen

Putting makeup can be a fun way to accentuate your features and express your creativity. However, removing it can be difficult. This is because some makeup removers sold in the market can be irritating to the face due to pungent chemicals used, but it is a good thing that there are a lot of alternatives to it. Some of these can be easily found in the kitchen. Here is a list of natural makeup removers you can easily find in your kitchen.

1.) Olive Oil

There’s another reason to love olive oil. Not only is it used to make delicious dishes but also as a makeup remover. Olive oil is an excellent alternative to the manufactured makeup removers because of its natural moisturizing properties. This moisturizing property will help your skin retain moisture while removing makeup with just one swipe. Place a decent amount of olive oil in a cotton pad, and it will do its job.

2.) Coconut oil

Just like Olive oil, coconut oil is also a good alternative for makeup remover. In fact, Coconut oil has been infused in many beauty products because it has a lot of skin benefits. Coconut oil can cleanse your skin without causing long term damage such as drying. It can also cleanly remove loads of makeups.

3.) Milk

Aside from providing you with calcium and protein, milk can also be used to remove makeup. Milk has soothing properties that help skin hydrate and stay supple. It is also cheap compared to drugstore makeup removers. For added benefit and effectivity, combine a glass of milk and a spoonful of almond oil and use cotton pads to apply it evenly on the surface of your face that contains makeup. However, avoid adding almond oil if you have pre-existing allergies with nuts, as it would give you hypersensitivities.

4.) Cucumber

Cucumber is a fruit commonly used in a salad. It has a refreshing and watery taste to it. It can also be used as an eye mask because of its anti-inflammatory properties which reduce the puffiness in the eyes. The same anti-inflammatory features are what make it an excellent alternative to make up removers. The best way to use it as a makeup remover is to blend it into a paste-like consistency. Although, cucumber cannot remove waterproof makeup on its own, adding a teaspoon of olive oil and milk to the mixture will boost its effectivity.

5.) Coffee

Coffee’s energizing effect can also be achieved when applied as a makeup remover. The antioxidants it contains help skin feel illuminated. Makeup can also be quickly diluted by it. Make yourself a cup of coffee, make sure that it is lukewarm to avoid causing a burn on your face; then, rinse your face afterward with water.

6.) Yogurt

Surprisingly, yogurt is not only good for your digestion but also as an option to store-bought makeup removers. It is very convenient because you place yogurt in a cotton pad and swirl it around your face. Rinse it after a couple of minutes with water, and you can see that your makeup has been removed cleanly. It will also leave a moisturizing effect on your face.

Not removing makeup after its use can be very harmful, which is why makeup removers are a must. However, knowing that most products out there can have long term damage to the skin, the best way to avoid it is to go natural. With so many options to choose from that also cost less than the prices of manufactured makeup removers sold in the market, it is truly a great alternative to be considered. Hopefully, you consider making a switch with any of the other options mentioned above to help protect and enhance your skin.