Tips to Survive A Long Flight

Surviving a long flight may seem impossible to some. The long hours, the uncomfortable seat, the wrong clothes, the tight space, and such can all contribute to the horrendous flight experience. If it’s your first time being stuck on a plane for a long time, you might want to heed these tips to make the most out of your experience.

1. Wear comfortable clothes.

Despite the many stylish outfits celebrities and other personalities are seen wearing at airports, you have to consider your own comfort. It’s a long flight, and so being in skinny fit jeans with lots of chains or sky-high stilettos may not be the best idea. Wear something that will make it easy for you to move around or even lift your leg up at times.

2. Choose a good seat.

The seat number is important. Most airlines ask for additional payment if you want to pick your own seat, but sometimes that additional payment is well worth it, especially if you’re going to be sitting on it for a very long time. Give careful thought on how close it is to the restroom and whether you prefer an aisle seat or not; sometimes people constantly passing through your side can be uncomfortable, and choosing a window seat is just better.

3. Choose a reliable airline.

Airlines tend to have different services. Look up all the ones that have flights to your travel destination. Review the services, and choose the one that offers the most comfortable flight experience.

4. Be prepared to sleep.

If it’s a long flight, chances are you’re going to be on it through at least half of the day and night, which means that you’ll need to sleep. Although some airlines give pillows and blankets, do not take it up to chance. Bring your own with you together with an eye mask if you must.

5. Limit your cabin luggage.

Your cabin luggage won’t be sitting right next to you, but you might need something in it from time to time. This is why you need to limit your cabin luggage’s size. It will be easier for you to drag it around, put it up into the cabin, and get it back down.

6. Bring your own food, and do ask for drinks.

Do bring your own food as well. Airlines have their own meals, but with a long flight, who knows how many times you’ll get hungry. There may be food sold on the plane, but they’re usually more expensive, so it’s just more practical to have your own.

As for the drinks, you may not be allowed to bring your own but, you can ask for one. Do so, and stay hydrated.

7. Stretch out.

Do not stay on your seat for 18 hours straight. Walk for a few seconds every couple of hours or less just to keep your body stretched out and avoid body ache.

8. Talk to some people.

Especially if you’re flying solo, you might want to consider befriending your seatmate or other passengers close to your seat and having a chat with them to pass the time. Just make sure that they’re up for it, as well and that you’re not disrupting anyone.

9. Download movies/shows to watch.

Make use of today’s technological advancements. Tablets and phones are allowed to be turned on once the plane is safely on air. Download the movies or shows you want to watch to avoid getting bored.

10. Bring a book or two.

Another activity you can do for long hours is to read a book. With a good book or two, 12 hours or so would seem short.


Do not forget to relax. Long hours of flight can be exhausting, but it’s not something you get to do every day. After making sure you’re comfortable enough, just sit back, and enjoy the flight.